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Green Plumber of the Year: Syntrol Plumbing

Congratulations are in order for Syntrol Plumbing of Roseville, California, which Green Plumbers USA has named as the 2012 Green Plumber of the Year. Syntrol Plumbing's dedication to reducing waste and using environmentally-responsible solutions to plumbing problems helped it to earn the award. Each year, Green Plumbers USA chooses several regional winners, and only one Green Plumber of the Year.

Green Plumbers USA Vice President Jon Cruz emphasizes that "community involvement, innovative projects, and effective branding" are all important aspects of the judging criteria for this award. While each of these are vital to becoming a successful Green Plumber, Syntrol combines these with affordability and quality.


Niagara Green City

Consumers will soon have an opportunity to save money on their water bills each month by participating in the Niagara Green City program. By enrolling in the program, the customer will receive in-home technologies which help to reduce water use in an environmentally-friendly way. On average, customers will save $10 each month on their water bill by utilizing the service. Those savings, of course, do add up.

Participating in Niagara Green City will mean customers will pay a nominal monthly fee for a pre-determined time, but will have no up-front costs associated with the water-saving technologies. Green Plumbers will install the technology, which includes kitchen and bath aerators, an adjustable chrome showerhead, and the 0.8 gpf Stealth toilet.

For more information about the program, please click here.


BlueGranola Blog: The Value of Water

At a time when water drives deadly conflict in resource-poor nations and in the United States our infrastructure is crumbling to the point that a water main breaks every two minutes, we need to look more deeply into the value of water. Xylem, a water technology company, did just that. In a 2012 nationwide survey of over 1,000 American voters, Xylem asked what should be done about the country's water crisis and who should pay for it. The results are in. Be sure to check out this Value of Water Index for an eye-opening–and interactive-look into our relationship with the earth's most precious resource.

Value of Water

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Green Plumbers Store

The Green Plumbers Store is full of products that will help consumers save money by reducing utility costs, as well as help preserve the environment. Products include shower heads, toilets, aerators, marketing materials, and even apparel. Recently, the Green Plumbers Store added a full line of Niagara products, which are leading the way to a more efficient world.

There are several options in terms of style and aesthetics, which will help guarantee customers will be happy with the look of the savings, and they'll certainly love the savings they will enjoy on the water bill!

Licensed Green Plumbers will receive a membership code, and with it, a discount on all products. To join the Green Plumbers movement, those interested should visit this link, and begin the registration process. Members have access to marketing resources, use of the Green Plumbers logo, and retrofit program eligibility for the Niagara Green City program, among other benefits.


Green Plumbers Licensing

Plumbers and contractors:

Become part of the green revolution by learning more about Green Plumbers Licensing. Ask us about the benefits by calling (888) 929-6207.

Jon Cruz Signature
Jonathan Cruz
Vice President
Green Plumbers USA

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