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Green Plumbers June Newsletter

Moen Envi ShowerheadGreen Plumbers Update

In April 2011, Green Invest Limited, a pioneer and market leader in the rapidly expanding environmental sustainability sector, absorbed Green Plumbers USA as part of the restructuring of Green Invest's North American Green Plumbing operations. As a result, the Green Plumbers trademark, previously held by Onni Inc., will now be managed directly by Green Invest.

Also, a new training agreement for the United States has been established between Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA), and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (The IAPMO Group). Under this agreement, IAPMO will oversee the training and accreditation of professionals using green plumbing technology.

Green Plumbers has joined one of a number of environmentally conscious energy and resource brands that Green Invest will employ, support, and promote under the global "Green Star Alliance" umbrella. Green Invest's chairman, Mr. Peter McCoy, stated that Green Invest is in an ideal position to leverage and commercialize its proprietary systems and service delivery standards throughout North America, "as green plumbing moves from a mere environmental issue to an economic necessity."

In regard to the shifting leadership of Green Plumbers USA, Mr. Steve Lehtonen, former Executive Director, joined IAPMO as Senior Director of Environmental Education, and will continue to be responsible for the growth of Green Plumbers training.


Retrofit Tour 2011Nationwide Retrofit Tour

Green Invest and Green Plumbers executives embarked on a nationwide tour last month to meet with plumbing organizations about how the water-energy nexus is motivating innovative retrofit projects across the country. Ron Lunt, Executive Director of Green Invest, Peter McCoy, Chairman of Green Invest, and Jon Cruz, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Green Plumbers, travelled to Sacramento, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, New York City, Miami, Denver, and Asheville, NC as part of an initiative to connect Licensed Green Plumbers to new government-sponsored retrofit programs in an effort to boost business opportunities for their partners.

As the federal government is stepping up pressure for local water districts to reduce consumption, municipal authorities are responding by teaming up with manufacturers to increase the availability and use of cheap utilities incentives. As a result, installation and referral opportunities are cropping up for Licensed Green Plumbers nationwide and Green Invest is keen on helping these professionals maximize profit on this increased demand. Water districts and municipalities are using their buying power to purchase water-saving devices such as faucet aerators, high efficiency shower heads, and high efficiency toilets from manufacturers and then offer them to consumers at heavily discounted prices, thus providing retrofit incentives to the public. The goal is to increase awareness about the economic and environmental benefits of a greener home while also creating jobs for Green Plumbers who have received training on using and installing high efficiency products.

Green Plumbers LicensingPlumbers, make yourself eligible for nationwide retrofit programs by signing up today for Green Plumbers Licensing. Or call us direct at (916) 594-7310.

FloLogicGreen Plumbers Training Spotlight: 5 for 5

Green Plumbers Training is running its annual promotion of 5 workshops in 5 days for $500. Courses will be held at the WaterSmart Innovations Convention during the week of October 4-8, 2011 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. You can become a fully Accredited Green Plumber in less than a week, equipped with the knowledge needed to provide your customers with the latest green technology and with the greatest savings.

All Green Plumbers attendees receive a free WaterSmart Exhibits pass. Reserve your spot now by calling 855-427-6641. Online registration begins July 1st. For scheduling and registration information, please visit the new Green Plumbers Training website.

Blue Granola Blog: Paved Paradise

In 2004, it dawned on Robert Noble, an architect specializing in sustainable design, to put solar panels above parking lots in order to transform these ubiquitous concrete deserts into aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, money-saving machines.

As the solar power industry booms, at-home solar panel installation demand increases, and green job growth spikes, parking lots remain a "wasteland - they're the last thing that gets attention," Mr. Noble said in an interview with The New York Times. "Here's a market the size of Alpha Centauri that's never been tapped." Noble has since created Envision Solar, an architectural design company that helps corporations, schools, government agencies and other entities meet their renewable energy needs by building solar panel structures in commercial parking lots. These "solar groves" are 1,000 square foot canopies that shade cars while generating clean energy.

Envision Solar

Envision Solar's other signature product brings solar power to a new level by using the energy created by its solar panels to power electric cars at specially designed charging stations. Using the sun to power electric vehicles might quell the criticism that electric cars, while remaining nonreliant on fossil fuels, still use a lot of energy which exacerbates global climate disruption. Mr. Noble and his company are proving that solar panels can not only save individual users thousands of dollars on electricity bills, they can beautify parking lots, make your car go, and promote a culture of environmentally sustainable architecture. If policy catches up to innovation, this idea could have lasting effects on the future of our planet.