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● Greening the Midwest
● Demand for green products
● New green forum
● Rethink how you wash your car
● Fix-A-Leak Week Video

Greening the Midwest: The Eco Plumbers

In 2009, Aaron Gaynor's phone had nearly stopped ringing. The Columbus, Ohio construction business he started in 2007 called "Phoenix Plumbing" was suffering due to the recession-battered economy and he knew he had to make a vertical change. When he discovered Green Plumbers, he jumped at the opportunity to take a training course and soon realized the growth potential in entering the emerging green plumbing market. "Green Plumbers helped me look at my business in a new light," Gaynor proudly proclaimed. Three years later, after becoming a Licensed Green Plumber and re-branding his company The Eco Plumbers, his phone is ringing off the hook.

The Green Plumbers education and marketing team has enabled The Eco Plumbers to engage the Columbus community in conservation efforts despite the fact that Ohio is not a drought-stricken state. "Because we don't have drought headlines in the Columbus media, most of our customers believe that buying a tankless water heater is the only thing they can do to green their homes- but we show them how they can go beyond that," Gaynor commented. The Eco Plumbers utilize their knowledge of the latest green technologies to shift their community's understanding of an individual's role in environmental sustainability.

Gaynor reported that his team's hard work, coupled with support from Green Plumbers transformed The Eco Plumbers from a 10% service to a thriving 90% service business. The advice, web design assistance and marketing materials that Green Plumbers Licensing contributed has propelled Gaynor's business and sustainability model forward.

If you are willing to put in the work to change, Green Plumbers will help you make it happen.
Aaron Gaynor

When is a green product really green?

It's often difficult to tell when a product can be used to genuinely benefit the environment and when it's mere labeling. Green Plumbers has built an online store to combat that problem. All the products in our store have been examined by our plumbing professionals to ensure quality and reliability and present you with only the best options.
Green Plumbers
  image   Forum Launched

We are proud to launch a new forum for plumbers and contractors to learn about new products, receive advice, and discuss marketing strategies for green businesses. Topics currently being discussed:
  • What tankless water heater do you all recommend? Members discuss which tankless models to use for specific locations.
  • Coil nailers recalled by Hitachi Industry news keeping you in the know.
  • That is complicated!? Can sharing DIY plumbing videos on your site increase business?
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BlueGranola Blog: Rethink how you wash your car

According to the International Car Wash Association, washing your car in the driveway could use between 80 and 140 gallons of potable water. That water is then contaminated with pollutants from your car and sent back into the waterways. Here are three eco-friendly alternatives:
  1. Don’t use any water at all. Buy a car wash product like No Wet or Ecolo Green Car Wash and simply spray the organic solution on a cloth and wipe down your car without ever turning on the hose.
  2. Taking your car to a professional will significantly reduce your impact. A professional car wash not only uses about 3x less water for an average-sized car, but they also probably have a better capacity to dispose of the harmful runoff.
  3. Use greywater collected in your shower or rain barrels.
The blog is jam-packed with more water conservation tips and sustainable information:
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John Baethke and Son Plumbing: Fix-A-Leak Week Video

In this video, Licensed Green Plumber John Baethke describes what it means to be a Green Plumber and how you can conserve water at home. John describes his company's involvement in the recent EPA-sponsored event "Fix-A-Leak Week" and how they estimate to save 1 million gallons of water in 12 months following their retrofits.

  John Baethke and Son Plumbing  

Green Plumbers Licensing

Plumbers and contractors:

Become part of the green revolution by learning more about Green Plumbers Licensing. Ask us about the benefits by calling (888) 929-6207.

  The Eco Plumbers  

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