Green Plumbers August Newsletter

WaterSmart Innovations and Green Plumbers Invitation, news, and knowledge

In this issue of the Green Plumbers newsletter, we introduce a new recurring section, "Did you know?" with Green Plumbers head instructor Doug Kirk. We will tell you how you can become a fully Accredited Green Plumber in one week at the WaterSmart Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, and discuss the impact domestic water audits can have on utility bills, and more...

Did you know?Expansion tanks: Did you know?

Green Plumbers training promotes water pressure regulators as a method of saving water (plus there are additional benefits).

Did you know the 2009 UPC (sec 608.2) was amended to require (with an exception) the installation of an expansion tank downstream when a pressure regulator is installed?

For the last 40 years or so pressure regulators have had a by-pass feature to prevent creation of a closed system so that an expansion tank was not required. We could debate the merits of the change, but for now, be aware.

FloLogicBecome an Accredited Green Plumber at WaterSmart Innovations

Join us for Green Plumbers' third annual national workshop at WaterSmart Innovations 2010 in Las Vegas, October 4-8. These centrally located workshops can be your launch pad to a sustainable plumbing career. After five days of instruction, including hands-on experience with the latest green plumbing technology, you will leave eager to spread your green plumbing knowledge to benefit your customers- and ready to take on the challenges that many plumbers face in this economic downturn. The goal for the week is to give plumbers new skills and facilitate communication among professionals in the field.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas this October where we will work together to shape the future of the plumbing industry--one conversation at a time!

Register for all five workshops for only $250 by clicking here. To register for workshops individually in Las Vegas, click here.

Manufacturers looking to sponsor this event should click here for more information.

Moen Envi ShowerheadGreen Building Pioneer Requests a Water Audit

Jerry Yudelson, a respected name in the green building industry, requested a water audit on our website, and then wrote about his experience using a Licensed Green Plumber on his blog. Regarding the 50-pt water audit, Mr. Yudelson wrote, "After a few days, they delivered a comprehensive and very accurate report on household water use and gave a series of recommendations for saving about 15 percent on household water use."

Mr. Yudelson already had water efficient fixtures installed in his home. Seeking even greater efficiency, he had the Arizona Green Plumbers install a recirculating hot water loop with a timer. This way, he could have "instant" hot water during the morning hours, instead of waiting two minutes (and wasting five gallons of water) for his cold water to become hot.

Another recent blog post by Mr. Yudelson caught our eye, Ten Steps to Prevent the Next Urban Water Crisis. In Step 8 he proclaims, "The entire plumbing industry, more than 40,000 plumbers in the US, needs to be trained in green plumbing practices." We couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Yudelson!

Click here to request a water audit from a Licensed Green Plumber in your community!


Upcoming Workshops

Name Date Location
California Fall Series
9/7 - 11/18 Sacramento - Napa - Petaluma - Monterey - San Luis Obispo - Ventura - Los Angeles - El Segundo - Stanton - Poway - Chula Vista


Climate Care
9/14 Fort Worth, TX


WaterSmart Innovations Convention
10/4 - 10/8 Las Vegas, NV


Smart Water Grid Technologies Conference
11/4 - 11/5 Chicago, IL


Green Plumbers on the RadioGround Control to Major Tom

Can't get enough green plumbing information? Licensed Green Plumbers, The Arizona Green Plumber, are taking over the radio waves Saturday afternoons to discuss showerheads, water heaters, and everything green plumbing related. Green Plumbers Director of Marketing, Jon Cruz, was a guest on the inaugural show where he discussed what makes a plumber "green". To listen to a podcast of last Saturday's show, click here.

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