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  Green Plumbers September Newsletter

Moen Envi ShowerheadGreen Plumbers wishes you a safe and happy Labor Day!

In this special edition of the Green Plumbers newsletter, we'll knock your socks off with the top five solar power installations in the world, review three new tools plumbers are using to increase business efficiency, get you excited for upcoming training workshops in Las Vegas, and introduce you to Licensed Green Plumbers in the heart of the mountains of North Carolina who are doing their best to convince local public officials about the urgency for water conservation.

Top 5 world's largest solar power installations

As solar energy becomes more popular, companies around the world are constructing solar-powered structures that go way beyond your basic panel-on-a-roof installation. Here's a list of the top five solar energy installations out there today. Each one is the largest of its kind found anywhere in the world. Prepare to be impressed...


Taiwan is home to the world's largest solar-powered stadium. The 50,000-seat arena generates 100% of its own electricity and was built in 2009 to welcome the World Games. With its 8,844 solar panels, it only takes 6 minutes to light up the entire dragon-shaped beauty designed by Toyo Iko.

Christmas Tree

Brisbane, Australia, where the seasons are opposite those in the United States due to their location in the southern hemisphere, celebrates summer time Christmas in eco-fashion with its 65 foot tall solar-powered Christmas tree. Towering above Brisbane City Hall, this behemoth produces 3,000 watts of solar power per day- enough to light up its 16,000 bulbs. The ten foot wide star on top is made up of 15 panels that collect enough energy to power the world's most energy-efficient Christmas decoration.


Green company PlanetSolar has recently launched the world's first boat to circumnavigate the globe using solar power alone. This revolutionary catamaran, topped with solar panels that have an almost 6,000 square foot surface area, will travel from east to west along an equatorial route. PlanetSolar's primary vision is two-fold: "Firstly, to show that current technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency are reliable and effective, and secondly to advance scientific research in the field of renewable energy."

Office Building

The world's largest solar-powered office building, located in northwest China, is a striking symbol of the future of sustainable energy alternatives. This multi-purpose building, which features exhibition centers, scientific research facilities, meeting and training facilities and a hotel, is over 800,000 square feet.


A power company plans to build the world's tallest chimney as the centerpiece of its giant solar power plant in the Arizona desert. The chimney releases warm air as it transforms heat into energy. At twice the height of the Empire State Building, this 2,600 foot tower will be the second tallest building in the world when it is completed in early 2015. EnviroMission, the Australian company who dreamed up this project, says that the tower will provide enough clean electricity to power 200,000 homes.


New Plumbing ToolsThree plumbing tools you should start using

Square Up: Credit Card Processing
Started by the founder of Twitter, Square Up lets you accept credit cards quickly and easily, using what you already have in your pocket- your phone. Upon signing up for an account, the company will send you a free phone/iPad accessory so that you can start swiping credit cards on the job for the competitive rate of 2.75% per transaction. If you are still hassling with carbon copy sales receipts, you will love how Square Up automatically e-mails a copy of the receipt to your customer following a successful transaction, allowing you to smile even wider because of all the trees you are saving. Square Up DemoView demo

Intuit: Field Service Management
Used by several of our Licensed Green Plumbers, Intuit's field service management app allows you to quickly schedule and assign work and get real-time status updates through wireless mobile devices. The application can help you monitor employee productivity and help employees receive and collect information while in the field- which means you get paid faster. In addition, it works seamlessly with QuickBooks to keep your financial and field service data totally in sync. Field Service Management DemoView demo

VistaPrint: Targeted Postcard Marketing
Many companies offer online printing services, but what makes VistaPrint stand above the crowd is their ability to offer customized mailing lists for your marketing campaign. Upon entering a zip code of your customer base, VistaPrint allows you to filter the results by income level, home market value, homeowners/renters, age, and more. VistaPrint will then print, address, and mail your marketing campaign in as little as 3 days.Vista Print DemoView demo

FloLogicGreen Plumbers Training and Accreditation spotlight: Five courses at WaterSmart Innovations

Join us in Las Vegas October 3-7th for WaterSmart Innovations. Take all five Green Plumbers courses and become an Accredited Green Plumber in one week! Accredited Green Plumbers gain the knowledge needed to help customers make informed choices to improve water and energy efficiency in their homes. Don't just take our word for it, Scott Newton, CPD, Senior Plumbing Designer - Walsh Engineers and ASPE San Diego Chapter President said, "The Green Plumbers courses are filled with valuable information for not only field workers, but also for Plumber Designers and Engineers. Cutting edge developments in green technology, including grey water, rain catchment, and water filtration systems, make these classes a must for those working on any LEED type projects."

There has never been a better time to prepare your company for economic growth, and to become the company that your customers want. The Green Plumbers' Las Vegas showcase is full of education, challenges and perspective — plus a pass to the WaterSmart Expo, with all of the latest water and energy conservation products. For more information and to register, please view the event flyer.

Licensed Green Plumber spotlight: Thunder Hill Plumbing

Thunder Hill Plumbing of Boone, North Carolina, is striving to right the misconception that green plumbing isn't for small towns. Even though Boone has a population of just 17,222, Thunder Hill Plumbing is making a big difference in re-shaping the town's eco-conscience through green plumbing. Because many people take the seemingly abundant water supply for granted, local conservation efforts have been met with little success. In fact, the Public Utilities Director told Thunder Hill once, "If the water meter doesn't turn, my boys don't have jobs." Any water conservation efforts in the area have been from individual and small group efforts.

Despite this resistance, Thunder Hill Plumbing continues striving to conserve water and educate the public in all of its projects, both commercial and residential. Indeed, they promote water sustainability from a variety of angles. The company works with the local Workforce Development Board to offer the Accredited Green Plumbers Training curriculum in local community colleges taught by Thunder Hill's Licensed Green Plumbers. In design consultations and fixture list specifications, they always try to steer the client toward high efficiency and WaterSense® labeled products. They constantly research new products, and petition suppliers to keep these cutting edge products in stock.

From Thunder Hill Plumbing's experience, they know that whether you live in a desert or in a watershed, metropolis or small town, green plumbing is an indispensable step toward water conservation that can work for everyone.

Green Plumbers Licensing Online ApplicationPlumbers and contractors, become a part of the green revolution by signing up today for Green Plumbers Licensing. Ask us about the benefits by calling toll-free (888) 929-6207 during normal business hours.

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