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A message from Green Plumbers CEO, Steve Lehtonen:

Out with the old year – in with the new granddaughter. Here I am holding Noe Grace, on Christmas Eve.

The next decade looks bright and full of promise for Green Plumbers, as the need (and desire) to save energy and water shifts into high gear. In this new decade consumers will focus on energy independence because new products will decentralize the ways in which energy is delivered, and re-shape how water is used. We will be bringing you the products of the future beginning in 2010, because innovations will be plentiful and our GreenPlumbers will want first crack at them.

We are thankful for your support, and for the excitement and enthusiasm of the plumbing industry for the Green Plumbers program. We are training instructors as fast as we can, and one of our goals is to have our 12 week series of evening workshops available in an area near you.

Here’s wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Licensed Green Plumbers Partner with Sonoma Energy for Install Program

Sonoma County Energy Independence

Sonoma County’s Energy Independence Program is an opportunity for Sonoma property owners to finance energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy improvements through an assessment. Licensed GreenPlumbers in Northern California were chosen by Sonoma County to be the stewards of conservation, by selecting them to install efficient water heaters, as well as advise their customers on how best to green their home by lowering consumption.

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Become a Green Plumbers Instructor in Sacramento

Plumbers who have a passion for teaching others about green plumbing can do so now by enrolling in a one week course led by GreenPlumbers head instructor, Doug Kirk, and become a Green Plumbers Certified Training Instructor. The instructor training session is January 11-15th from 8am-4pm at GreenPlumbers Headquarters in Sacramento, CA. This one week intensive training session will certify you to lead your own Green Plumber workshops across the country.

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Mythbusters on Water Heater Safety

Do you know what is lurking in your basement? The guys from the popular TV show on the Discovery Channel, Mythbusters, investigate what would happen if your water heater was no longer able to regulate pressure. Click on the video to watch their jaw-dropping experiment.

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Interested in growing your business with the Green Plumbers brand overlay and marketing network? Please fill out an application by clicking below.

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Manufacturers looking to partner with Green Plumbers in 2010 should view our updated global media kit by clicking below:

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GreenPlumbers Thanks Our Founding Partners

Going Global

GreenPlumbers head instructor, Doug Kirk, traveled to India this month to lead a group of fifteen Indian plumbing professionals through the five GreenPlumber workshops. This was an important step forward in Green Plumbers' goal to spread globally, and soon green plumbing workshops will be held continuously in India with the help of IAPMO.

Megan Lehtonen (photo right), president of Green Plumbers USA, traveled to China this month with IAPMO representatives to meet with government officials on the possibility of launching the Green Plumbers program in China.

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