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What is a Green PlumberEarth Day Around The World

To the untrained eye, the crowd of twenty million Americans who collectively celebrated the first Earth Day in 1970 looked like a swarm of bell bottoms and long hair. Forty years later, on the day that reminds us all to appreciate the environment by advocating for earth-friendly policies on all levels, 100,000 bald guys are having their own celebration. Buddhist monks are gathering in Thailand to chant and meditate for a cleaner and more peaceful world in honor of Earth Day. And they aren't the only ones who are making environmental action a global trend.

As you read this, swimmers in Monaco are doing laps in the Mediterranean Sea with green balloons attached to their wet suits; in Amsterdam, a guerrilla army of gardeners are planting flowers in every abandoned piece of land they can find; and school children are volunteering to clean up river banks in industrial communities throughout the Phillipines. It's a beautiful day. Go out and enjoy it with the rest of the planet.

Moen Envi ShowerheadEarth Day Activities

Now that you have heard about what others are doing around the world to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, here are four ideas for what you can do this eco-holiday:

Idea #1

The Earth Day Network website has created a database of eco-themed events that you can search by zip code. Find Earth Day events in your city by clicking here.

Idea #2

Planet Earth, a groundbreaking TV series on Discovery Channel, explores the marvels of our planet. In honor of Earth Day, Apple iTunes is offering a free download of the Planet Earth episode, Pole to Pole, available through 04/26/2010. Visit iTunes

Idea #3

The Environmental Protection Agency asks YOU to join in protecting our planet, ensuring clean air and water for all people and our children by committing to five conservation acts. Take action, and pick 5 for the environment today!

Idea #4

Tune into the National Geographic channel at 8 PM tonight for their Earth Day special that examines different theories on the origins of Earth's water, fueling the debate over water on other planets and the likelihood of alien life. Learn more.

Second Image on Second StoryExtreme Green Makeover with Pristine Plumbing

Reeves Journal recently featured Licensed Green Plumber, Richard Cadogan, in its cover story about green home makeovers. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Cadogan feels he has a mission to educate his customers about their green options. He plans to put added focus on remodeling, retrofitting homes with water use reducing fixtures and doing water audits. Becoming a Green Plumber "just seemed to be a natural fit for me," Cadogan said, adding many of the conservation tactics discussed in GreenPlumber training- like collecting water in cisterns- is a way of life in other parts of the world. "I know what green living is because I grew up in the Caribbean," he said. "We appreciated our water service because you... -> Continue reading

Meadow Springs

Green Plumbers Licensing New Website

We've seen enough plumbers walk away from workshops, still having questions about the differences between Accredited Green Plumbers, and the marketing and brand overlay tool of Green Plumbers Licensing... so we are finally doing something about it:

Visit our new website dedicated to explaining the differences between training and licensing, as well as providing testimonials from current Licensed GreenPlumbers, and our portfolio of services that a team of marketing gurus perform for eco-minded plumbing companies. But don't just take our word for it, click below to see what Licensed GreenPlumbers, like Bryan Buckhave from Michigan Plumbing, are saying about Green Plumbers Licensing.

Become a Licensed Green Plumber


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