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Green Plumber of the Year USGBC Partnership, News, and Green Building Trends

Before we introduce the latest news in the fall issue of the Green Plumbers newsletter, congratulations are in order. John Smith of The Arizona Green Plumbers is the winner of the 2010 Green Plumber of the Year Award! Click here to read about John's commitment to greening his community and all that he has done to deserve this award.

More praise to our Licensed Green Plumbers who Denver Water acknowledges as saving homeowners 50% on their water bill following a Plumb Green, Save Blue visit from a Licensed Green Plumber. "We were enormously surprised," said Stacy Smith, a Denver Water conservation specialist in charge of the program. "Those are huge savings." Click here to read more about how high water users in Denver, CO were given a chance to lower their water bill in the Plumb Green, Save Blue Pilot.

Keep reading to learn about the economic benefits of conserving water, be introduced to the Green Home Guide, stay up to date on the latest green building trends, and more...

Did you know?Water and sewage rates: Did you know?

When we teach our Inspection Report Service class and do a simulated water audit we do a lot more than just estimate how much water can be saved. What many people forget is that along with saving water fees, they are also saving sewer fees and energy costs.

Water, sewer, and energy fees vary wildly around the US, state to state, city to city and even in the same city. If you looked at studies which show water and sewer rates, city by city, your reaction would likely be the same as mine, "This makes no sense!"

It surprised me to find that many times sewer rates are 2 to 4 times as much as water rates. And don't forget, when you save hot water in clothes washers, showers, etc. you are also saving energy fees which can equal or surpass the water and sewer fees!


US Green Building Council Recognizes Green PlumbersU.S. Green Building Council Recognizes Green Plumbers

We are happy to announce a new partnership between Green Plumbers USA and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC, which is best known for the development of the LEED rating system and Greenbuild Expo, is putting their considerable environmental muscle and integrity behind a new web site for consumers titled "Green Home Guide". The site features articles by green professionals, an "Ask a Pro" section, and a "Find a Pro" section.

In order to be listed in the "Find a Pro" section, plumbing contractors are required to be Fully Accredited Green Plumbers. This web site is likely to become one of the most popular sites in the country for consumers to search for green contractors they can trust.

Position your business to take full advantage of the USGBC partnership by becoming a Licensed Green Plumber. Contact Jon Cruz to get started, and be sure to ask about our new $400/year pricing plan.

Moen Envi ShowerheadGreen Building Makes $ense

We hear about casualties of the economic downturn almost every day- restaurants going out of business, stores not making enough money during the holiday season, foreclosures. But there is one sector that seems to have weathered this storm- green enterprises. The housing market has of course seen better days but the market for green homes is increasing. According to Green Building Elements, "In tough economic times, buyers are looking for efficiency and quality in their purchases." Now more than ever it is becoming increasingly apparent that our old wasteful building methods have to be pushed aside to make room for more sustainable ones, if not for the environment then for our wallets.

Builders and construction-related businesses say green is in high demand not only because it cuts down the cost of energy, materials, and water- but also because being eco-friendly makes developers look good. If green building is so economical and the majority of us are holding on to every penny these days, hiring an environmentally-friendly company over an average one is a no-brainer. As the changing times open doors for innovative thinking, it makes sense to jump on the eco-band wagon and make the product that customers want: efficient, low-cost and durable living spaves. As Jill Fehrenbacher, CEO and founder of the environmental design blog Inhabitat, puts it, "green isn't merely a fuzzy 'feel-good' business practice to make you feel like a better person—it can also be a smart business strategy."

Read more from Justine on her sustainability blog at:

FloLogicPlumbing Supply Wholesalers Going Green

In our commitment to changing the image of the plumbing industry, we are actively looking to form partnerships with plumbing supply houses who carry green plumbing products. Pace Supply, a plumbing wholesale company with 10 locations in Northern California, has already jumped on board by teaming up with Green Plumbers to help get the word out to plumbers about green education and technology. "The quality and integrity of the Green Plumbers' curriculum is one of a kind in this country; and we want to do our part in Northern California to facilitate this educational opportunity for our customers," said Eric Tokerud, Green Building Coordinator at Pace Supply.

Do your part to spread green plumbing education, and get in touch with a Green Plumbers Educational Outreach Specialist today.

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