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Green Plumbers Winter Newsletter

Green Plumbers Online Series Happy Holidays

You won't have to brave the cold weather this winter to receive Green Plumbers training, as we are happy to announce that all five of our green training workshops are available online! The online format allows you to start and stop the presentation, work on your own time, at your own pace, and complete an ANSI-certified accreditation that will enrich your career. Click here to learn more about online training.

Keep reading to learn about new irrigation design techniques, the phenomenal efforts of one Licensed Green Plumber giving back to his community, a new line of energy efficient water heaters, and more...

Did you know?Low Impact Development: Did you know?

Until recently, when plots of land were developed, surrounding areas were designed to interrupt "mother nature". I don't mean intentionally- in fact developers followed plans drawn up by engineers that emphasized getting rainwater off of paving and planting areas and into storm drains as quickly as possible. Why quickly? Because more may be coming and it needed somewhere to drain to. Now we have a huge infrastructure for storm drainage.

About 20 years ago in Maryland, someone came up with the idea of working with mother nature to allow rainwater to have an opportunity to soak in where it fell, permitting it to irrigate the ground and infiltrate the local aquifers. To some extent, this relieves a burden on storm water handling and treatment. The concept has had several names over those 20 years, but now it is called Low Impact Development (LID). To learn more about LID, click here.


John Smith Plumbing PodcastUpcoming Workshops

We mentioned before that you can take all of our workshops online, but if you live in California there is an excellent opportunity for plumbers and unemployed workers to receive Green Plumbers training at no cost.

The California Winter Series is the result of your feedback, so thanks to our sponsors, you can now receive career-boosting training by becoming an Accredited Green Plumber in a new scheduling format that makes it easier for plumbers to receive our education at an accelerated pace without being taken away from the job site.

From January 11-29th, the California Winter Series will be held in:

City Registration Page
Sacramento, CA Register now
Monterey, CA Register now
El Segundo, CA Register now
Poway, CA Register now
Chula Vista, CA Register now

*Download the Winter Series 2011 flyer here.

Moen Envi ShowerheadGreen Plumbers in the community: Innerline Plumbing

Craig Woolheater from Innerline Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX is in the spotlight this month for his participation in the Builders of Hope community revitalization project. Builders of Hope delivers quality affordable housing to those who need it most; and Woolheater is aiding these efforts by installing eco-friendly plumbing fixtures in these new homes.

With the help of Innerline Plumbing's Green Plumbers trained technicians, Builders of Hope homes will be equipped with solar water heaters, low flow toilets, faucet aerators, and water-saving shower heads in time for the grand opening next month. In using green technology to ensure that accommodations for new homeowners in developing neighborhoods are of the highest quality and maintainable, Woolheater and his team have shown a commitment not only to the betterment of their community, but to the environment as well.

To view photos of the retrofit project on Innerline Plumbing's blog, click here.

FloLogicProduct spotlight: A.O. Smith for your high efficiency needs

Plumbers and contractors - remind your customers that Dec. 31st, 2010 is the deadline to install energy efficient products and be eligible for up to a $1500 tax credit.

As an industry leader, A.O. Smith constantly looks for new materials and develops new technologies that can improve energy efficiency. A.O. Smith has introduced four new energy efficient water heaters that are the most versatile option for the consumer who is looking to go green and save some green. The Voltex® line of hybrid water heaters can provide the same amount of hot water as a conventional electric water heater at half the cost. Click here to learn more.

A.O. Smith