Water conservation is affecting everyone…

including the plumbing industry!

Workshops coming soon to a city near you!

Bend, OR // San Diego, CA // Portland, OR

Grow Your Business

Green plumbing involves a change in philosophy that starts with your technicians and carries through to upper management.

Water Audits

Our propietary 50-pt water audit software is praised by water professionals.

Conservation Training

Our training builds the expertise of local servicemen, establishing them as a valuable resource for conservation products and practices.

Water Crisis

Our training offers the opportunity to closely examine contributors to this crisis, offering potential product and practice solutions.

Retrofit Projects

By becoming a licensed and accredited Green Plumber, you will be included in a network of conservation experts and be eligible to participate in Green Cities.

Training Near You

Don't see a training opportunity near you? Contact us to request a workshop in your area.

In certain areas, training will be accompanied by an exclusive trade show featuring local municipalities, conservation experts, and community leaders!

Join Us in Bend, OR

Green Plumbers USA is holding the Caring For Our Water workshop on Thursday, October 23rd from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm in Bend, OR. There is no fee to attend this workshop. The instructor for the course will be four-time Green Plumber of the Year, John Smith.

  • Introduction to residential water audits
  • Water efficient products
  • Reducing household water consumption
  • Storm water runoff pollution and prevention

Our Workshop Partners

We are very pleased to partner with these great companies and municipalities in bringing green plumbing education to a city near you.

Download the workshop flyer