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GreenPlumbers USA is pleased to announce that 18 no-fee workshops have been scheduled for the month of August, with several more scheduled for September. In August, we are coming to California, Texas, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia. The city of Atlanta will become the first city to host all five core GreenPlumbers workshops in the United States, and the next city to hold all five workshops will be Las Vegas during the WaterSmart Innovations convention. The convention gives plumbers a chance to become a fully Accredited GreenPlumber during the week of October 7-10th. For more information about the convention, click here. Take advantage of these no-fee workshops until October 15th.

Upcoming Workshops in August

8/04 - San Antonio 8/05 - San Antonio 8/12 - Palo Alto 8/15 - Atlanta
8/22 - Columbus 8/20 - Irvine 8/15 - Atlanta 8/18 - Charlotte
  8/29 - Sacramento 8/18 - Charlotte 8/28 - Sacramento
    8/22 - Austin  
    8/28 - Sacramento  

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We are constantly looking for ways to update our website to better serve GreenPlumbers and consumers. We have implemented a new technology for our accreditation listings. Once you have completed a workshop, your name will be added automatically to our alphabetical list of Accredited GreenPlumbers on our website. Remember, the proximity zipcode search, "Find a GreenPlumber Nearest You" tool that will shortly be implemented, is a marketing tool reserved for Licensed GreenPlumbers. Create an account on our website to take advantage of member-only benefits, such as faster workshop registration, first to be notified if a workshop is scheduled in your area, and invitations to member-only workshops.

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As a recognized 501 (c) (3) organization and non-profit educational venture, GreenPlumbers continually looks to align ourselves with conservation-minded plumbers, manufacturers, cities, utilities, and businesses. Contributions are accepted, and grant funding is encouraged.  Please inquire about forming partnerships by contacting Jon Cruz at

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