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The average household spends as much as $500 per year on its water and sewer bill, but could reduce that amount by about $170 per year by retrofitting with water-efficient fixtures and incorporating water-saving practices. If you want to stay on top of the latest in water conservation, the plumbing industry, and everything GreenPlumbers, you can now follow us on Twitter. Ask us a question, get course updates, website pre-release information, and more!

GreenPlumbers Receives EPA Environmental Award

EPA Award

On April 16th, GreenPlumbers was awarded the prestigious Environmental Protection Agency Achievement Award in recognition of its commitment to protecting and preserving the environment through sustainable training.

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Add Water and Energy Tips to Your Website or Blog

Let GreenPlumbers deliver water and energy tips directly to your website or blog- customized to the geographic location of your visitors! Our visually striking slideshow widget is updated monthly and can easily be embedded in your site by copy/pasting a selection of HTML. Click "View More" to see the widget in action.

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Las Vegas Convention: October 5th - 9th

It's not too early to book your itinerary to Las Vegas and join us at the WaterSmart '09 Convention from October 5th - 9th. We'll be holding all five core workshops, enabling attendees to become fully Accredited GreenPlumbers in just one workweek. Meet GreenPlumbers and other likeminded people from all over the U.S.! Early bird pricing is available now - only $500 for all five course registrations.

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Green Home Renovation Ideas - Video

Australian native Scott's biggest concern for his green home renovation is water conservation. By overhauling his bathroom, hot water heater and backyard, Scott has reduced his water costs by $360 a year.

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GreenPlumbers Founding Partners

Need a Tax Break?

As the 2008 tax year ends, here is some tax advice to keep in mind for next year. If GreenPlumbers training applies to your business, you may be able to write off the cost of training and other expenses to our workshops. Be sure to consult your CPA on the tax deduction possibilities of up-skill job training.

Upcoming Workshops

Solar Hot Water, Tucson, AZ, 5/19

Solar Hot Water, Las Vegas, NV, 5/21

Caring For Our Water, Santa Rosa, CA, 5/29

Solar Hot Water, Jacksonville, FL, 5/29

Solar Hot Water, Charlotte, NC, 5/28

Solar Hot Water, Columbia, SC, 5/29

Call a GreenPlumber

Licensed GreenPlumbers can go above and beyond the normal plumbing service call by using their GreenPlumbers training to provide home water and energy audits, install low-flow plumbing fixtures and faucet aerators, and much more...

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