October workshops are filling up fast!

GreenPlumbers USA will be holding all five core workshops in Las Vegas from Oct 7-10th.  Currently we have plumber registrations from 28 different states for this special event!  This is an excellent opportunity for plumbers, HVAC, and building inspectors to receive training at no cost that will assist on the job site via the installation instruction, and with fielding the growing amount of conservation technology questions from consumers.  We need your help in spreading the message to the consumer: Don't just fix your leak, fix your water bill!  The convention gives plumbers the opportunity to become a fully Accredited GreenPlumber in just one week! For more information about the convention and discounted accommodations, please click here 

In October, we will be coming to Massachusetts for the first time, and will also be holding workshops in California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.  Take advantage of these no-fee workshops until October 15th before registration changes to $175 per workshop.

Upcoming workshops in October

Inspection Report Service Climate Care  
10/04 - Tualatin, OR
10/01 - Seattle, WA 10/10 - Las Vegas, NV 10/09 - Las Vegas, NV
10/07 - Las Vegas, NV  
10/08 - Las Vegas, NV
10/09 - Las Vegas, NV
10/16 - Stanton, CA - $175
10/16 - Redding, CA 10/18 - Tualatin, OR
10/23 - Boston, MA - $175


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What's new on GreenPlumbersUSA.com

We appreciate all of the feedback we get about our website, and have answered your requests to include short bios of our five GreenPlumber instructors by creating the new GreenPlumbers Instructors page.  We have also added a new feature for users who have created an account on our website to track the workshops that they are currently registered for, and workshops that they have already attended.  Create an account on our website to take advantage of member-only benefits, such as faster workshop registration, first to be notified when online training becomes available (Dec. 08), and invitations to member-only workshops.

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GreenPlumbers USA thanks you for your continued support

GreenPlumbers Founding Partnerships will be ending October 15th.  Learn how your company can take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate and educate over 500 plumbers on your specific water/energy efficient products, as well as benefiting from GreenPlumbers marketing, prime logo and product placement on our website.  The demand for GreenPlumbers workshops is pouring in from all 50 states, providing the opportunity for companies to enter new markets and present their products to the plumbers advising consumer purchases.  For more information, please contact us by phone at (888) 929-6207, or e-mail us at partnerships@greenplumbersusa.com.

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