Climate Care - Workshop Webinar Series

Please fill out the form below to register for the workshop webinar series, "Climate Care" (course description). Doug Kirk will be the instructor for the webinar series. The fee to view this Green Plumbers training webinar is $175.

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I understand that registration for the Green Plumbers Webinar Series is for Licensed Green Plumbers and/or their employees. By registering for this webinar, I agree that I must view the full webinar and take an assessment at the end of each course. Upon completion of each webinar I will mail my assessment to: 4153 Northgate Blvd. Ste 6, Sacramento, CA 95834 and upon review by Green Plumbers will be mailed a Certificate. By agreeing to the above statement and the Green Plumber Code of Ethics, I agree that I am responsible to ensure that I and/or my employees have the responsibility to complete the registered course by 12/1/2010. This offer for Licensed Green Plumbers will expire 12/1/2010 and any courses not completed by the listed date will be subject to a comprehensive 3rd party validated assessment on the total 32 hours of Green Plumbers coursework.