Join the army of Green Plumbers® in conserving water and energy across the United States


The word is rapidly spreading about Green Plumbers …soon there will be a Green Plumber in your city!

A Licensed Green Plumber® can assist you in determining the most efficient products and appliances for your current and future needs – helping you to develop a staged plan for reducing your water and energy costs while protecting the resources of the planet.

Green Plumbers have been trained in home water-efficient products, heating and cooling appliances, hot water heating, solar hot water, water conservation and water sustainability, and other emerging products and technologies.

Your Green Plumber will help you compare the initial cost and running costs of different appliances so you can make an informed choice that is not only cost-effective but also environmentally responsible.

The Green Plumbers 50-point environmental household inspection report will help you work out in detail how much water you currently use around your home, and your Green Plumber will be able to discuss various water-saving and environmental options that can be individually planned for your household.

Many of these options, like the installation of a new high-efficiency toilet or a solar water heating system, are eligible for rebates that your Green Plumber can assist you with.


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