Training/Licensing Differences

It is important for everyone involved in any phase of the GreenPlumbers program to understand the difference between training & accreditation and licensing. We will discuss the differences, and the benefits of each, in this document.

The simplest definition is that training & accreditation is an individual relationship, and licensing is a business relationship.

GreenPlumbers Training & Accreditation

The GreenPlumbers Training & Accreditation program is actually a benefit not only to the individual plumber - but also to his or her employer, the community, and society in general. It is for that reason that the goal of the global GreenPlumbers program is to offer training to plumbers at subsidized registration fees to them whenever possible. This is accomplished through government grants, water agency and utility sponsorships and manufacturer/wholesaler partnerships. Training is also available on a fee basis when companies or groups desire the training on their terms, at specific times and places. The GreenPlumbers USA training & accreditation program is managed through a corporation registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable, educational non-profit organization, and all funds are used exclusively for the purposes of training.

As the individual plumber completes each GreenPlumbers course (currently five are offered) the plumber receives a certificate of accreditation for that course. The plumber also is listed on the GreenPlumbers website as an Accredited GreenPlumber in each category for which he/she has qualified.

It is impossible to list all of the benefits that individuals receive from an educational experience, but the goal of the GreenPlumbers organization is that each plumber will be able to complement their considerable plumbing knowledge with a new awareness of the role that they play in energy and water conservation. The Accredited GreenPlumber is a more valuable employee, and is of more value to the customer because now their installation and analytical skills are matched with the motivation to further protect the customer through water and energy savings.

The employer benefits with more valuable employees, but the business does not accrue any rights to the GreenPlumbers "brand" except those rights that are conferred upon the Accredited GreenPlumber.

What does this mean? Listed below are some things that the employer of a GreenPlumber can and can't do:

Can say in advertisements or phone messages: "We employ Accredited GreenPlumbers" or "We hire Accredited GreenPlumbers".


GreenPlumbers USA and GreenPlumbers Australia are determined to make the logo more available, and we believe this can best be accomplished by supporting industry associations.  Because the associations are the regulatory and legislative support mechanisms of the industry, it’s only logical that GreenPlumbers is deferential to these organizations.

GreenPlumbers is well-positioned to become the industry standard, and we urge you to get involved. The United Association has included the GreenPlumbers curriculum into their National Training – and is training over 150 of their instructors next week to ensure that plumbers across the country have access to the GreenPlumbers message.

The GreenPlumbers licensing program will be made available to all MCAA, PHCC-NA, and Nexstar members for a $300 initial fee and $200 monthly fee.  The standard initial fee of $5,000 and $300 monthly fee will continue for all non-association members.

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