Water Conservation and Energy Links

Caring for our Water
Name Description
California Urban Water Conservation Council Latest product news
National Alliance for Water Efficiency Promoting the efficient and sustainable use of water
AWWA on Water Efficiency AWWA on Water Efficiency
WiserWatch Newsletter AWWA Newsletter
H2ouse.org Water Saver Home
EPA.gov U.S. EPA WaterSense Program
Fishnick.com Food Service Technology Center

California Energy Commission

Name Description
Homepage 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report, Chapter 8 Integrating Water and Energy Strategies
Energy Commission California’s Water-Energy Relationship-Final Staff Report
Energy Commission Hot Water Distribution System Research-Phase 1

Recent Water & Energy Activities

Name Description
CPUC California Public Utilities Commission
Water Action Plan PDF of CPUC's Water Action Plan
Energy Commission Joint Agency Symposium: “The Regulatory Challenge Linking Water and Energy” March 28, 2006
CPUC CPUC Rulemaking 06-04-010 on Energy Efficiency –Proceedings

Specific Links to Documents and Topics

Name Description
CUWCC.org Drainline Carry Studies
CUWCC.org Uniform North American Requirements for toilet fixtures - specification and lists
CUWCC.org Flushometer toilet performance study of 49 different bowl and valve combinations
WaterLogue WaterLogue Newsletter on graywater systems
WaterLogue WaterLogue Newsletter on high-efficiency urinals - HEUs