Green Plumbers® affiliates are any organization, government agency, manufacturer, corporation, or association that shares the same goal of conserving water and energy - whether it be in one local community, or across North America.

Each Green Plumber can impact the water and energy consumption habits of up to 750 houses per year.

A trained, conscientious Green Plumber becomes an advocate for the water and energy concerns of the community.

Green Plumbers in the community can be made aware of emerging conservation programs immediately through the Green Plumbers USA e-mail network.

Green Plumbers seeks to provide environmental training for existing journey-level plumber, contractors, and professionals in the industry, with the program supported in part by government, agency, utility and manufacturer partnerships.

Green Plumbers training is available to all plumbers on a non-discriminating basis. Membership in trade associations or union organizations is encouraged, but not required.

Partnership, contributions, or other funding questions may be directed to 888-929-6207. Please ask for Jon Cruz (