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Through the training and accreditation portion of the GreenPlumbers program, workshops are being held throughout the country to get plumbers trained in conservation and new technologies.  This knowledge will not only help plumbers respond to consumer demand, but will be an integral part in conservation across the nation.

You have submitted a request for information on the licensing portion of GreenPlumbers on behalf of %%Manufacturer%%.  This is the business and marketing opportunity of the GreenPlumbers brand.  There is a fee to use the trademark (logo) and to become a “Licensed GreenPlumber.”  Licensed GreenPlumbers can take advantage of our social media and traditional marketing programs, as well as business referrals through the GreenPlumbers Licensed Network.  The fee structure, and more details on licensing can be found on our website here:

To submit an online application for GreenPlumbers Licensing, please visit:

Attending the workshops certifies you as an Accredited GreenPlumber.  We have a listing of Accredited GreenPlumbers on our website for consumer verification. The licensing component is for those companies who would like to go to the next level and take advantage of the Global GreenPlumbers brand; take part in the national call center and referral programs, be listed on our website in a proximity search for consumers to find the nearest GreenPlumber by zip code... among many other benefits.  If you have further questions about licensing, please feel free to call us toll-free at (888) 929-6207.

Jon Cruz
Director of Educational Sponsorships
GreenPlumbers USA

The GreenPlumbers® training and accreditation program will result in increased water and energy savings for consumers and businesses across America, and will create a positive image change for thousands of plumbers.

GreenPlumbers® also presents new business opportunities, as the United States enters a new era of conservation and sustainability.

All accredited GreenPlumbers® will enjoy the benefits and enhanced image gained from becoming a GreenPlumber®, but Licensed GreenPlumbers® - the contractors who employ GreenPlumbers® and choose to participate in the national license program - will be able to market their services using the GreenPlumbers® branded logo and consumer/business referral programs.

Why a licensing program?

  • To maintain the integrity of the GreenPlumbers® ethic and commitment to conservation.
  • To maintain uniformity and excellence in curriculum and work practices.
  • To strengthen the GreenPlumbers® brand globally.
  • To provide consumer and business referrals based upon the trusted name of GreenPlumbers®.
  • To take advantage of market-based install programs across the country.

The GreenPlumbers® license program is not a franchise and does not confer exclusive territories, it is a co-branding marketing opportunity that offers incredible name recognition across the United States and provides substantial additional business opportunities and referrals for existing businesses. Plumbing companies are eligible to become GreenPlumbers® Licensees after the RMO/General Manager has been accredited in two GreenPlumbers® courses. Licensed GreenPlumbers® make a commitment to train their staff and adhere to the GreenPlumbers® Code of Ethics.  There is a one-time initial fee of $5,000 to enter into the licensing network and use the trademark and logos, followed by a monthly fee of $300 for marketing and infrastructure. Please click here to request more information and an application.