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Gene Johnson Plumbing
10011 Greenwood Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98133
ext. 104

Gene Johnson and his wife, Valerie, launched Gene Johnson Plumbing in 1976. Forty-two years later, the company is in the forefront of Seattle's green movement, cementing its reputation for environmental awareness by becoming the area's first licensed GreenPlumber. In its second generation of family ownership, the company is run now by Kimberly Kean, Johnson's daughter, and son-in-law Dennis Hamon. "We were really impressed with the education GreenPlumbers gave our technicians," said Hamon, on why the company decided to become licensed. "The guys came back fired up. Plumbers are always talking about low-flow showerheads, high-efficiency toilets -- but the training gave them ways to present new technologies to customers. The concept of attaching a dollar amount in savings, of how the product pays for itself, gave our plumbers another perspective on how to talk with customers about products that can improve their lives."

Gene Johnson Plumbing's green focus includes technological advances like tankless water heaters, low-flow showerheads and aerators, and hot water recirculation. The company intends to broaden green work to conservation audits as they continue to educate homeowners about environmental awareness. "We have new truck wraps with the GreenPlumber logo on them, and it's our hope to be out there promiting green products and green living," Hamon said. "People may overlook the idea that the plumber is one of the front-line people in conserving water and energy. We are the ones who make that a reality. If homeowners want to be green, one of the first things they should do is contact a plumber. Conserving water is one of the most useful things they can do."

Hamon concedes that greening an existing home can have its costs. "It does cost quite a bit, and the payback can sometimes take a while," he said, "but we're finding that people really want to do their part for the environment. Like with solar -- people are paying a lot of money to install solar and there's not an immediate payback, but people are doing it because they see how important it is to do their part and conserve. It's a worthwhile thing to do, and it's here to stay."

Gene Johnson Plumbing employs technicians who are all drug-free, background-checked and professionally trained in both plumbing and in green technology.