The EcoPlumbers - Licensed GreenPlumbers


The EcoPlumbers
256 Lansing St
Columbus, OH 43206

The EcoPlumbers, in Columbus, Ohio, doesn't just want to be an eco-friendly company: The EcoPlumbers' website exclaims that they are "Going Green and Beyond!" Not only that, but the company wants the same thing for its customers. contains a section of green tips for home and business owners, and the company also offers free in-home inspections and service quotes so customers can learn how green technology can save them money while saving water and energy. "We believe in working toward a sustainable future in our homes and our world," said owner Aaron Gaynor. "We want to give our customers as many cost-saving tips and as much product information as possible, allowing them to save money and helping them to become aware of the over-consumption of our natural resources."

"Going green and beyond," for The EcoPlumbers, means recycling all materials, scrap and waste from every job site. It also means offering state-of-the-art green products like high-efficiency toilets, instant hot water, and tankless water heaters. "We have many other ideas to ensure our company runs green," said Gaynor. "We want to work together to make the ideas and products of green plumbing known here in Ohio, in areas where consumers may not be exposed to their options."

The EcoPlumbers, located in Columbus, Ohio, is a locally-owned business offering plumbing, sump, gas, drain and water treatment services to residential and commercial customers. The company purchases and uses American-made tools and supplies.