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TSQ & Son
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350 Strathmore Rd
Havertown, PA 19083
ext. 113

Tom Quagliarello, owner of TSQ & Son Plumbing & Heating in Havertown, Pennsylvania, admits to having "almost an obsession" for knowledge in environmental issues. "I found out about the green industry through an architect friend," says Quagliarello. He then attended a training class, which sparked a passion. "My interests went from business and financial to almost an obsession for knowledge in the green industry," Quagliarello says. Studying for his LEED accreditation, he found GreenPlumbers on the internet. "I expect becoming a licensed GreenPlumber certainly won't hurt my business," he says. "It will keep me up to date with new technologies and practices. I intend to expand my 'green' knowledge on plumbing as well as building, and hope to expand my business to green construction as well."

Quagliarello says he is excited to be the first GreenPlumber in his area. "Being the first will hopefully spark the interest of other plumbers in the area, and contribute to an army of GreenPlumbers! If nothing else, maybe the financial incentive will be enough." He worries that there aren't enough people who "care enough to sacrifice their 'knock-you-down' shower for a more secure future for our children," but says, "We'll just have to convince them!"

TSQ & Son has been in business for 20 years and focuses on service, new residential and commercial work. "Ultimately," Quagliarello says, "the reason I became a GreenPlumber is to contribute in any way I can."