Roger's Remodel Inc.
P.O. Box 1283
Novato, CA 94948
(415) 328-0047

As one of the first green builders in Marin County, California, Jamie Rogers of Rogers Remodel has always had the drive to build sustainable homes. Unlike some renovators who see plumbing as necessary but not thrilling, Rogers describes plumbing as his "passion." "I started looking at our current water situation and the trends of consumers, and my passion went from building to water conservation," Rogers says. "I am excited now to become a GreenPlumber and increase awareness in the industry, and to help make changes that will move our state and country into a sustainable one."

Rogers is committed to being in the forefront of education and conservation in Marin. "It really touches me when I am able to provide information to homeowners, business owners, and property managers ... when I can change the ideas of people here in the Bay Area about why we need to conserve our resources. I intend to focus on water audits, education, and changeouts that have a big effect on water conservation." Rogers sees his GreenPlumbers training and licensing as benefitting his customers in more ways than one. "My customers feel at ease when I can not only explain the reasons for making changes (toward conservation), but also when I can show them through documented sources the real value of making these changes now."

"When I am in front of consumers, it amazes me now much they are able to gain from the minor steps that all of us can take not only to save money, but to conserve energy, water and natural gas. These are things that can help us sleep at night, knowing we are doing what we can for our planet."

Rogers Remodel is located in Novato, California.


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