Plumbing Concepts Inc. - Licensed GreenPlumbers

Plumbing Concepts Inc.
22951 La Palma Ave
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
ext. 107

John Raya, president of Plumbing Concepts, wants people to know that the company is committed to environmental issues. It’s one of the things that brought Plumbing Concepts to the GreenPlumbers program. "We wanted to demonstrate our commitment not just to licensing, but to a cause," says Raya. "We wanted to be tied into a group that not only had a track record for green advocacy, but could teach us to be advocates as well."

Plumbing Concepts, located in Yorba Linda, California, has a reputation for community aid and charity work that rivals its reputation for high-quality work and great customer service. The company is involved with Home-Aid transitional housing and other charities, including Angel Tree and the Home Building Council’s Design/Build Competition for students. This emphasis on community wellness makes Plumbing Concepts a great fit with GreenPlumbers – helping to make our planet a better place to live and working toward a sustainable future for our children. Raya reminds people that going green, however, is not an extraordinary endeavor. "You can’t be a pioneer," he says. "You’re part of a global shift – a social, educational, financial shift. Your awareness has now been focused, and you start to see the evidence of the green movement around you. This is a profound cultural change."

Plumbing Concepts supports ‘green’ endeavors by working with new environmentally-friendly technologies and educating its customers on water care and conservation issues. Along with its service, commercial and water treatment divisions, the company offers water conservation audits for homes and businesses. "At some point, all these rebates will go away, and the request for water conservation will become a mandate," Raya says. "If we can find a way to help our customers take care of those things now, they’re ahead of the curve and have the benefit of the rebates and incentives." Taking care of customers, according to Raya, is a top priority at Plumbing Concepts. "We want long-term relationships," he says. "When you have that relationship, and you want to keep your customers, you have a standard you’re compelled to live up to. There’s only one way to keep those customers, and that’s by being good to them."

Plumbing Concepts was started in 1984 by owner/CEO Ken Meadows with five employees. Today, there are 250. The company is headquartered in Yorba Linda.