1. What is the Green Plumbers® goal?
Our vision is for Green Plumbers® to be the most trusted and recognized source of water and energy conservation products and services in North America.

Why is there a Green Plumbers® Training & Accreditation Program and a Green Plumbers® License Program?
The training & accreditation program is a nonprofit educational program relying upon grants, contributions and sponsorships to deliver industry-wide plumber training in water and energy conservation, with the goal of enhancing the image of the plumber, increasing the plumber’s value to the employer, and providing valuable conservation services to the community. The goal is to provide the plumber training on a no-fee basis. The license program is fully funded by contractors who wish to grasp the future by joining like-minded businesses to advertise, create a national referral center, strengthen and protect the Green Plumbers® brand, and create new market-based efficiency programs. Green Plumbers® licensees can advertise using the trademarks and logo, can promote themselves as Licensed Green Plumbers®, and can use the trademark on business cards, quote sheets, invoice pads, and uniforms. They will also receive referrals from the national referral center and be given the opportunity to participate in new market-based efficiency programs. The two programs will be under separate management and there will be no intermingling of funds.

What is the value of Green Plumbers® training without the use of the logo?
First, the training program itself – all five workshops and 32-hours, is of tremendous value, and will result in a better understanding of environmental considerations and the ability to be of more value to the customer and to the employer. All accredited Green Plumbers®, regardless of whether or not they work for a licensed Green Plumber, will receive e-newsletters that will continue the flow of information and education on a monthly basis. They also may use the wording “accredited GreenPlumber” and their name will appear on the national registry web site – but they may not use the Green Plumbers® logo or trademarks, and will not receive marketing information or referrals. Without a national Green Plumbers® License Program, the funding and support would not be available to continue the water and energy conservation mission of Green Plumbers®.

Who owns Green Plumbers® ?
The logo, trade marks, and intellectual property of Green Plumbers® are owned and controlled by the Master Plumbers & Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA). MPMSAA has granted Green Invest (listed on the Australian Stock Exchange) the exclusive global right to market the Green Plumbers® License Program. In the United States, the California PHCC Education Foundation, a recognized 501 (c) (3) organization, has exclusive rights to implement the Green Plumbers® Training & Accreditation Program, and Onni, Inc. has an agreement with Green Invest to manage the License Program.

Is membership in an association or affiliated organization required to become a Green Plumber®?
No. Membership in trade associations is not required for Green Plumbers® training or licensing, and management seeks to establish promotional and business ties with everyone in the industry. Conservation and climate change are a concern for the entire plumbing industry, and the entire plumbing industry needs to respond effectively if we are to be a solution for our customers and our country.