Why GreenPlumbers?

Welcome to our newest licensees: Wallner Plumbing and Roeber Plumbing

Newest GreenPlumbers

GreenPlumbers is excited to wel­come our newest licensed GreenPlumbers, Patrick Wallner and John Roeber.

For Roeber, president of Roeber’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Castro Valley, California, helping his cus­tomers conserve natural resources is a big draw. “I’m convinced that being good stewards of our natural assets is not only the right thing to do, but it’s an action we are mandated to per­form as it affects the lives of many others ... What a great feeling you get being a GreenPlumber, when you can help the environment and your neigh­bor.”

Patrick Wallner, president of Wallner Plumbing in Redding, California, believes licensing is a sound business decision. “The people who are signing up (for licensing),” he says, “are sign­ing up because they know the increased business is going to far out­weigh the cost.”

Through his relationship with GreenPlumbers, Wallner expects to increase his gross revenue by 25 per­cent over the next two years. “The investment is a no-brainer when you look at the business potential,” he says. “My customers want ‘green.’ I have to be ready with the knowledge and expertise to be able to provide the best green products.”

Even if licensing isn’t part of a com­pany’s business plan, Wallner says GreenPlumbers training will make a real difference. “Don’t give up on the training,” he says. “You will be making more sales, and you will be able to work with customers who want green. Even if you aren’t marketing yourself as a licensed GreenPlumber, your knowledge and expertise will bring you more business.”

John Roeber agrees. “There are so many pluses associated with the GreenPlumbers program. Overall it will help revitalize the image of the plumber, while actually teaching con­sumers how to reduce energy con­sumption and utilize more efficient technologies ... We see an enormous potential in all phases of our business and will be capitalizing on directing our customers in the latest conserva­tion measures.”

Roeber’s Plumbing has been in business for 85 years, says Roeber, and has seen many construction initia­tives develop. “The GreenPlumbers program,” he says, “is one of the most superior, innovative and exciting plans that Roeber’s has embarked on that I can remember!”